The sangennaro Festival- Las Vegas


The Brittany’s here straight from The Sangennaro festival. We took it upon ourselves to get extra crazy with this one. SAngennaro is a festival that goes on for a consecutive 4 day period, semi annually. It’s an Italian festival filled with hundreds of different vendors who come out and set up booths and you can walk around and see what they have to offer. There are even rides too!


So you know The Brittany’s had to try it all or so we thought! First you have to park which costs four dollars per car. Then you walk in where you can see all the lights from the rides and this is where we got super excited. We then approached the ticket booth which costs ten dollars a person. Yes, we know this is pretty pricey already and you haven’t done anything yet but please give this place a try! It will be well worth it.

Walking in you could hear the large crowds and immediately we saw vendors lined up at different stations. You could purchase pretty much anything. The best part I came to find out is that there is an abundance of food to choose from. Although there was food everywhere I couldn’t have prepared myself for how many choices there were going to be. It smelt so good that making a decision was difficult. In the end we chose to eat Shrimp Fra Diavolo over pasta. I’m Italian but had never had this dish before! It was amazing the sauce was mildly spicy and the shrimp was nicely sized! It was twelve dollars for the plate and Big B and I decided to split it. Good idea we did because we were both full afterwards.

We shortly figured out that eating the night away is not why we had come! As we found ourselves venturing over to the ticket booth inside to get ride vouchers. That’s right guys we had to find the inner children within us and do it! We bought 50 tickets which was the equivalent to twenty-five dollars. We ventured out and started looking for rides!


Walking around we found the Zipper. We decided quickly to get in line to have a chance to get on. Once on the ride… well I can’t even begin to explain the laughter and straight enjoyment that occurred for both of us. Follow us on Facebook to see our live video on TheZipper!

Next we headed over to our another ride, The Orbiter. Got on this ride and immediately as it started we both felt sick to our stomachs! Yes that’s right! I’m telling everyone never get on this ride! It was the worst feeling! Maybe we are just getting to old but there was something seriously wrong with that ride. I swear! I’m probably just being dramatic needless to say I will never ride another ride like The Orbiter again.


After that I wanted nothing to do with the festival I just wanted to head home! So in fact we did leave! With that being said can I just say that I feel this is a great activity for all ages! Perfect if you have children and you want to get out for the day! I recommend you checking out The Sangennaro Festival either in New York or Las Vegas sometime. It will defiantly be an experience you talk about again and again! All in all 2 of us spent the night out, ate, and enjoyed some rides for only 65 bucks! Until next time with The Brittany’s.

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